Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Talk #5: How To Deal When In A Book Slump

Whether we like it or not, there's always that moment in a book lover's life when the first signs of the dreaded 'Book Slump' comes creeping in on us like a thief in the night. Sadly, I've been battling my reading slump since May and it hasn't been easy. I was able to fight it off and escape the slump in June, but for the last two weeks of July the fight was back on and I went down hard.

Very, Hard.

This is how to deal with the dreaded . . .

Step 1: Shut the world out.

Step 2: Relax.

Step 3: Watch Netflix.

Step 4: Hang out with friends.

STEP 5: Don't focus on your reading slump.


Step 7: Keep yourself busy.

Step 8: Talk about your feelings.

Step 9: Start a blog.

Step 10: Tell your book slump how you feel.

And there you have it! Ten full-proof ways to get over your book slump! CAUTION: Side effects may occur (excessive caffeine intake, less sleep, more sleep, headaches, etc.

Fight on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. This is so entertaining. My favorite reading slump remedy is just to let it be. I believe ot's your brain's way of telling you that the reading session is done for now and that it needs rest.

    I usually go shopping or surf the net. Sometimes I check blogs I am following and drop some comments. I will miss reading agaon within a couple of days :)