Monday, July 27, 2015

Music Matching Monday: The Heir

It's no secret that Princess Eadlyn is very independent and wants no part of her Selection. She's the type of girl who's all for ruling her country one day without a husband at her side. Something I highly praise the young Heiress for! However, her parents know that that's not possible and also know that Princess Eadlyn will try very hard to avoid the whole "falling in love" aspect of life. She's definitely the kind of girl who doesn't want to be anyone's "wife" let alone will she allow herself to have feelings for any boy that comes her way. She's stubborn and just a little spoiled but at least she knows who she is and who she doesn't want to be. I love Princess Eadlyn for that reason and even though she is a princess, one day the Queen, she's by far no one's Cinderella.


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