Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Sick Book Tag!

Sorry for being so inactive on my blog lately! Life has just been so busy these past few weeks what with summer plans and doing tons of reading and writing. A girl can only take so much within a single day! I've also barely had any time at all to read this week so I don't exactly have any reviews to put up . . . Luckily, that is why tags are a thing! I'm not sure who created this tag and I wasn't tagged by anyone (not that I care) so I'm going to do it anyway! Here's the Sick Book Tag!
1. Diabetes: A book too sweet, like really sweet.
I feel like this book is pretty much the go-to book for whenever you're feeling low or just want a really sweet and light-hearted read. Because after all, it's by Stephanie Perkins for goodness sakes! When I first read this book last year, I felt so warm and bubbly inside that I couldn't handle it! This book made me laugh, smile, laugh some more and gave me a big case of the feels and it was just so perfect. And to think that it didn't stop there with this book in the series . . .
2. Chicken Pox: A book you've read once, and will never pick up again.
 It was a toss-up between these two books as to which one I really don't see myself re-reading at any time in the future. Both of these books were okay and cool ideas but just weren't my cup of tea at all. I might get some hate for my choice but hey, I'm being honest here! No offense to the authors or the fans at all!
3. Influenza: A contagious book that spreads like a virus.
If I could hype up this book any more than I already do, I'd have to have a completely other blog dedicated to this book only. I seriously loved this book so much that I can't even begin to put my feelings into words or even sort through my thoughts about this book! This book gave me the feels, made me cry, laugh, left me shocked a few times and overall opened up my eyes to what it means to be dealing with something that just won't go away. I freaking loved this book and it will forever be one of my all-time favorite books!
4. The Cycle: A book you read every month, year or often.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't re-read these books every year. Like, literally every single year! At this point, I've read the entire Divergent series (including the "Four" short stories) twice, and the entire A Series Of Unfortunate Events three times (currently on the fourth time). It's no secret how much I love these books and they will always have a special place in my heart.
5. Insomnia: A book that kept you up all night.
As I've said before in my review for this book, I actually balled my eyes out for a good hour after I put this lovely down. I was doing good throughout the whole book but then I got to the very last page, the very last few sentences and they hit me so hard in the feels. It made me think about my own siblings and made me look like an emotional wreck. Thanks a lot, Cynthia Hand! (Just kidding, you're amazing. Okay, bye.)
6. Amnesia: A book that's forgotten and failed to leave a powerful impression in your memory.
It's not that I didn't like these books, but they just didn't do anything for me or, obviously, leave a very powerful impression on me. Don't even ask me what my favorite parts in these books were, I honestly could not tell you a single event that I remember clearly. I do plan on continuing on with both series' but they're not at the top of my TBR at the moment. I might re-read the first books in both series but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
7. Asthma: A book that took your breath away.
8. Malnutrition: A book that lacked food for thought.

 It's not that I didn't enjoy these books and that I don't plan on continuing with both of these series, but I just didn't get any excitement out of them. I absolutely love The Giver and like The Hunger Games enough, but I just didn't really enjoy the sequel in The Giver quartet and the first installment of The Hunger Games. Nothing really happened in either of them.
9. Travel Sickness: A book that took you on a journey through time and space.
Quite literally with this series. Ever since finishing "Fairest" I've just been craving some more of the Lunar Chronicles so badly! Obviously I plan on re-reading this series before the fifth and final book comes out in November!
I hope y'all enjoyed this post! Read on bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


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