Monday, July 13, 2015

Music Matching Monday: Throne Of Glass

It's no secret that Celaena is pretty much one of the most popular kick-butt female protagonists known in YA literature today. Just saying. For this book, I really wanted to choose a song that described not only this book but also Celaena as a character. She's a very strong and incredibly independent character who relies on no one but herself to get her through each day. She truly believes what she's capable of can keep her alive and would honestly rather die than ask for help. She's almost the definition of girl-power and I absolutely wanted a song that didn't fail her character. I finally found one after some searching and I think it's perfect for this book because of how it talks about being young and not afraid to show people what you're made out of. It also talks about not being destroyed easily and making your own kind of revolution. I like to think this song is very fitting and that Celaena herself would approve!
 YOUNG BLOOD by Bea Miller

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