Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Documentaries!

Hello, everybody! Today, I thought I'd post something that was a little unrelated to books just for fun. Don't worry, the regular scheduled programming of book posts will still be forthcoming, but I wanted to share with you guys another one of my interests other than books and music. One thing I love as much as reading is going to the theater or logging onto Netflix to watch a movie. I'm at the theater more often than I go to the store because I just LOVE movies! 

However, I also enjoy documentaries and I can't seem to get enough of them. I'm pretty picky on the ones I watch because I do have my preferences but I have found a few favorites that I've rewatched many times and I thought I'd recommend them to you guys if you're looking for something to watch or want to get into documentaries. 

All of these documentaries can be found on Netflix in the US but depending on where you live, some of these might not be available so check online for yourself to make sure. Now without further ado, here are my top five favorite documentaries at the moment!

Bridgend by John Michael Williams

The film explores the stories of many victims who were found hanged due to suicide in the town of Bridgend in Wales. Over 100+ teens and kids have committed suicide in this town over the past few years with little explanation as to why. Many friends of the victims have also committed suicide, only adding to the questions of the people living there as to why this has plagued their town and providing a never-ending connection between every person found dead.

This is a very powerful and eye-opening film that is obviously very emotional but well worth watching. If you have any triggers, I would highly suggest passing on this film.

Killer Legends by Joshua Zemon

This documentary explores four urban legends that have all fueled the minds of people believing in these legends when real crimes are investigated in connection with such urban legends such as the Killer Clown, Poisoned Halloween candy, The Hook-Handed Man, and more. Some of these legends are sprouted from real life crimes from the past while others seem to be nothing more than our own imagination playing tricks on us.

As a lover of all things having to do with urban legends, I was so excited to find this one and have watched it too many times to count. If you love mystery and suspense and anything creepy, check this one out for sure!

Cropsey by Joshua Zemon

In this film, it documents the story of 'Cropsey' that ended up turning from fiction into reality when the urban legend of a drifter who snatches children off the street became real when a criminal named Cropsey, believed to be an escaped mental patient started kidnapping and killing young children. Truly an urban legend that fuels our many nightmares and the reality becomes more frightful.

As I said, I love urban legends and anything to do with creepy or thriller storylines. If you too love creepy things that are based on real life, totally check this one out!

My Beautiful, Broken Brain by David Lynch, Sophie Robinson, & Lotje Soderland

This film follows a young woman in her early thirties who suffers from a severe stroke that leaves permanent damage to her brain as well as provides many more roadblocks into Lotje's recovery. The documentary follows Lotje for a year as she begins her journey to recovering from her stroke and a new life begins for her.

It's truly an amazing film that opens your eyes to what it takes in order to begin again in a sense and just how complicated the brain really is. I've seen this film a few times now and each time I watch it, I learn something new.

I Know That Voice! by Lawrence Shapiro

This film goes behind the scenes of the voice actors we all know in some way or another and explores just what goes into creating an iconic voice such as Spongebob Squarepants, Scooby-Doo and other characters we all know and love. 

Voice acting has always been interesting to me and this documentary sheds light on the fact that voice acting is a lot more than just talking in a funny voice. A lot more details, characterization, and hard work go into creating a voice for a character and it was very interesting to learn about that.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed creeping on what I watch on the weekends! Even though I watch more Disney than anything else. Read on, bookworms! See you in the next chapter!


  1. I don't watch too many documentaries because they aren't really my thing. I struggle to find the time to watch series and movies. But these definitely do sound interesting!

    1. I used to be very stand-offish about documentaries as well but recently have started watching them non-stop within the past year. I have A LOT of trouble finding T.V shows I like and stick to so documentaries and movies are what I mainly watch. I'm not a television fan but I do have a handful of favorite shows ;)

  2. I am with you on how hard it is to find good tv shows to watch, but I haven't gotten into documentaries, too much... kids cartoons usually are the only option any how... and that is why I love reading! Thanks for sharing this fun list on the Cozy Reading Spot

    1. It is very difficult! I've never been a big TV watcher even as a kid. I much preferred movies and still do but then again I love learning so I guess that's why I adopted documentaries as a new source of entertainment :) Cartoons really are the best too, I think kids have it so good nowadays!